#MyXFT Referral Contest



 I love this already! A sweet challenge with very attractive rewards like cash up to N60,000, movie tickets and a lifetime partnership with Syntek Global for anyone that dares make things happen!

Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive fuel treatment. It’s amazing effects on gasoline and diesel engines are UNHEARD OF. However, these effects are real, documented, and proven again and again. And now, Syntek Global brings it to everyone! It is convenient, easy to use, and perfectly packaged for the busiest of people. Read More About XFT Here

Now this contest is about making YOU, that will be ready to take it on, very happy, because the money and incredible partnership opportunity has been put on the table for grabs! That aside, all the necessary information that will assist each contestant in #MyXFTReferralContest are contained here: XFT Product Info.

So what are the Terms & Conditions of #MyXFTReferralContest?

#MyXFTContest T&C’S:

1. Each Reward is tied to the corresponding units purchased by the referrer’s customers

2. The Minimum Referral Purchase is a combination of all the referral customers purchases or just one purchase as the case may be

3. Interested contestants should email Lsplace07@gmail.com with subject as : #MyXFTReferralContest to receive more details

4. #MyXFTReferralContest is valid depending on product availability

5. #MyXFTReferralContest is open to contestants individual or commercial referred customers

6. Support in terms of any technical query received by contestants would be handled by a Syntek Global Consultant.

Ready to go? Go! Go!! Go!!! Send that email today and let’s get this show on the road 🙂


The Truly Comprehensive Treatment


I never as much as took note of this word ‘Comprehensive’ until I started using Xtreme Fuel Treatment. It does justice to this incredible product from Syntek Global.

Think of the immense relief of not having to bother with an injector cleaner, a detergent, a fuel efficiency treatment, a lubricant, a catalyst etc individual treatments when ‘grooming’ your engine! Absolutely priceless. And to think you get all these and more in 1 BOTTLE/ SACHET of XFT!

XFT is powerful and very effective, with just 5ml treating up to 50 Litres of any kind of fuel! And truly, if you start your engine without XFT, you are wasting money!

Talk to you soon…

My XFT Experience


I drive a Toyota Corolla that consumes approximately 55L of Petrol @ N97 per Litre. This implies that I spend approximately N5,400 per fill up. The car covers approximately 397km per full tank.

I started using XFT in June 2013. As some customers may be able to relate to this, I did not notice any fantastic improvement upon use but I was really patient enough because I knew I needed to see this widely acclaimed amazing product in action.

After the first few tanks, I lost interest in close monitoring but kept using the product all the same. But in August 2013 I was amazed! I travelled at the time and in my absence, I casually enquired about the performance so far and my husband told me the tank was just filled up that morning but before filling up, it had travelled 689km!

I was really impressed but had a little doubt, especially because I did not take the reading off the odometer myself. So I decided to start the treatment all over.

All throgh September 2013, I did not use XFT and only started using it again in November 2013. Below are my readings:

1. NOV 3- NOV 8: Purchased 41L of Petrol from Oando (Ikate Roundabout, Lekki), applied 5ml XFT (Costs N500) and travelled a distance of 389.8km

2. NOV 8- NOV 13: Purchased 41L of Petrol from Oando (Ikate Roundabout, Lekki),, applied 5ml XFT (Costs N500) and travelled a distance of 328km

3. NOV 13- NOV 19: Purchased 41L of Petrol from Oando (Ikate Roundabout, Lekki),, applied 5ml XFT (Costs N500) and travelled a distance of 558km

4. NOV 22- NOV 28: Purchased 41L of Petrol from Oando (Ikota After 2nd Toll Gate, Lekki),, applied 5ml XFT (Costs N500) and travelled a distance of 389.8km

The recording is ongoing…

There was a decrease in the distance my car travelled after my third application and then a sharp rise in the distance travelled, giving fuel economy. The difference in mileage covered was +230km!

Now let’s interpret this in Naira and Kobo:

My first mileage with XFT was 389km. Meaning my consumption was 9.5km per Litre

By the third treatment, it rose to 13.6km per Litre.

So if I was to buy the quantity of fuel that would help me travel this extra +230km, I’s be buying N1640 worth of petrol! I gained this savings by using only N500 worth of XFT!
The results gotten from XFT is not based on any sentiment. We challenge everyone to take the test and record it.

Save money and save well with XFT!

Talk to you soon…