#MyXFT Referral Contest



 I love this already! A sweet challenge with very attractive rewards like cash up to N60,000, movie tickets and a lifetime partnership with Syntek Global for anyone that dares make things happen!

Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive fuel treatment. It’s amazing effects on gasoline and diesel engines are UNHEARD OF. However, these effects are real, documented, and proven again and again. And now, Syntek Global brings it to everyone! It is convenient, easy to use, and perfectly packaged for the busiest of people. Read More About XFT Here

Now this contest is about making YOU, that will be ready to take it on, very happy, because the money and incredible partnership opportunity has been put on the table for grabs! That aside, all the necessary information that will assist each contestant in #MyXFTReferralContest are contained here: XFT Product Info.

So what are the Terms & Conditions of #MyXFTReferralContest?

#MyXFTContest T&C’S:

1. Each Reward is tied to the corresponding units purchased by the referrer’s customers

2. The Minimum Referral Purchase is a combination of all the referral customers purchases or just one purchase as the case may be

3. Interested contestants should email Lsplace07@gmail.com with subject as : #MyXFTReferralContest to receive more details

4. #MyXFTReferralContest is valid depending on product availability

5. #MyXFTReferralContest is open to contestants individual or commercial referred customers

6. Support in terms of any technical query received by contestants would be handled by a Syntek Global Consultant.

Ready to go? Go! Go!! Go!!! Send that email today and let’s get this show on the road 🙂


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